While Silk Caye and Laughingbird Caye are the most popular places to visit while visiting Southern Belize, they are certainly not the only ones with quality reefs to explore; in fact, there are many other islands closer to Placencia and along the main Belize Barrier reef, where one can snorkel waters just as good (in some cases even better waters) and certainly not be surrounded by a potential crowd. And we also do these trips with...
  Sea-scooters. The use of sea-scooters, is one of those things in which once one uses one, immediately wonders how they did without them! They are quiet, and move one at a very effortlessly pace adding a whole new fun & relaxing dimension to the whole snorkeling experience. They are also very  eco-friendly since they eliminate the need for stepping or even touching live coral or even use diving fins. All our sea- scooters come with GoPro mounts.
 These type of trips  are run with our usual style of not sparing any expense as to boat comfort, great food and with a experienced personable guide.
So come and join us and see the beautiful underwater reef world from a whole new perspective .

Boat: 30ft 'Due East'. 

Times: Morning 8:30am-2:30am.
Included: Excellent lunch, Yamaha underwater scooters, other amenities.
Minimum persons: 2 persons

      Price : Flexible

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